2010-2011 Events

Events are listed by type, then chronologically within the categories

1. Throne Room Series Worship Services

All the Throne Room Services listed below will occur at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, 10127 – 145 Street, Edmonton (Stony Plain Road and 145 Street).

Reign of Christ the King (4th Annual)

Friday, Nov. 19, 2010, Doors open at 7:00 PM. 7:30 PM

Theme 1. God rules through the wood of the Cross.

Theme 2: Our adoption into God’s royal family.

Communion Theme: See photos below 🙂

Chapel station: Who is on the throne?

Sending Out in Mission: As his children, we extend the rule of God through the cross, by being his agents of reconciliation and restoration of relationship.


Epiphany: Revelation: (5th Annual)

Saturday, January 15, 2011, 7:00 PM.
Theme 1. The revelation of Christ.
Theme 2. Living Incarnationally
Communion Theme: Bread of Life Communion station.
Chapel station: Black Water Reflecting Pool.

Sending Out in Mission: We continue to reveal Christ by living incarnationally.


Rending of the Veil: (6th annual)

Saturday, April 23, 2011, 7:00 PM
Theme: This theme is hard to state succinctly – but we dwell in the borderlands of Holy Saturday, looking back at Friday, forward to Sunday, The border separates the two days so each can be appreciated in its own right, yet the border joins the two so each can be appreciated in the context of the other. We also are very aware in this service that Christ’s redeeming work occurred ‘outside the camp’ (Jerusalem), and weave that into our call to mission.

Chapel Station: Tomb, and video meditation.

Communion Ritual – passing through the rent veil.

Ascentecost (2nd annual)

Ascentecost will be cancelled this year. Too many events too close together (Vital and 1/2 Speed on each side in close promimity) so something had to give.

Theme 1: Viewing Ascension and Pentecost as two bookends of the singular event of the creation of the church.

Theme 2. Trinity plus you plus me.

Chapel Station: None developed, and perhaps will not be.

No photos available

2. 1/2 Speed Creative Worship Retreat (2nd annual)

June 12-17, 2011.

Jim Robertson is part of the planning team for this event. As well, it is anticipated that Altarwalk and the Prayer Bowls will be brought to 1/2 Speed.

Retreat information can be found here. The retreat will be held at King’s Fold Retreat and Renewal Centre, the host of the event in partnership with Taylor Seminary’s E.P. Wahl Centre.


3. Workshops

Oct. 3, 2010: Christian Contemplation: St. Paul’s Anglican Church ‘Breakout Sunday’.

Nov. 7, 2010: Snyder Bible Study Method: St. Paul’s Anglican Church ‘Breakout Sunday’.

Dec. 5, 2010: Prayer Bowl Christian Contemplation: St. Paul’s Anglican Church Breakout Sunday’.

4. Station Based Devotional Exercises


Altarwalk will be installed at King’s Fold Retreat and Renewal Centre, Summer and early fall 2011. (2nd annual).

The Prayer Bowls will be at the King’s Fold chapel for an extended period, once or twice within the coming year, dates to be determined (third bowl, and perhaps 4th bowl intsallation at K.F.)

5. Conferences

Interface Worship will curate the opening worship service at the  Vital Church Planting West Conference, May 26-28th, 2011 in Edmonton.


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